Rebuilding 25 lbs. of lean mass lost during my 5 week hospital stay last February would not have been possible without the finest anabolic compounds that provides. I rely on for quality and consistency across a broad spectrum of chemicals and have yet to be disappointed. Dragon Pharma ( proprietary brand) is a large operation and high volume supplier to a very large customer base and I think their sheer size and automated production processes create stability and dependability in the brand.

Customer service is available 24 x 7 via online chat and also a trouble ticketing system. Tickets are responded to promptly and the customer service reps are knowledgeable and friendly and can resolve most problems to do with ordering, billing and shipping immediately. In addition their is a rep on GrowXXL forums that can resolve even the most complicated of issues via PM.

Packaging is discreet and products are packed tightly to avoid possible breakage in transit. My own experience is less than 2 weeks from order to delivery although only guarantees 3 weeks. Many products have been received in less than 10 days from order placement.

I ran a standard Test / Deca / Dbol / Provi and HGH (ongoing) cycle for March, April and May and was able to put back the 25 lbs. I had lost and regain my strength. The labs all looked as I would expect with that stack including some mild liver and kidney stress and high serum and free test. Now, I do believe in “muscle memory” and I don’t think someone at ground zero would do as well, but with the right diet, maybe so.

I don’t think it’s possible to beat’s quality and its prices. The “product of the week” on the left hand navigation of the website has a 50% off sale on something you can use every week. That’s the way to shop way in advance of your current needs if you are into long term planning. I’ve been a customer for quite some time and I’ve never had product issues with – ever. They are certainly one of the worlds biggest suppliers and also one of the longest in business. You don’t get to their market position unless you are truly excellent.