hormone replacement therapy

Medical Uses – HRT/TRT

While steroid use is most often documented in the media as a illegal use for performance enhancement, there are legitimate medical uses for steroids. Once of these is hormone replacement therapy, specifically testosterone therapy.

Males who are good candidates for testosterone replacement therapy have many problems that are often embarrassing to admit. These include a loss of libido, night sweats, achy muscles, swelling joints, tinnitus, fatigue and slow healing of cuts and scrapes. These symptoms often occur as a result of low testosterone levels – sometimes also called male menopause. It’s similar to how the female body goes through menopause with a decrease in production of sex hormones.

As males age, it’s not abnormal for their levels of testosterone production to decline. In fact, it’s very normal for this to happen. When males have abnormally low levels of testosterone, however, they can get help with regular testosterone supplements, otherwise known as hormone replacement therapy or testosterone replacement therapy. There have also been studies that show that men who experience high levels of stress may exhibit low levels of testosterone as well and the main symptoms have to do with difficultly performing their job.

While the testosterone replacement therapy can help men find relief of these symptoms, they might also notice other changes as well. Testosterone replacement therapy actually helps reduce obesity and increases sex drive.

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