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Strength Training for Seniors

Fitness for seniors is an important issue that does not get enough attention. An exercise and fitness program that is simple to follow and requires only minutes a day is the easiest lifestyle change to make. A strength-training program does not have to be hard or even strenuous. The benefits of exercise outweigh the inconvenience that might be felt, but those 20 or 30 minutes that are sacrificed are done so for a good reason.

Low Impact Exercises – Senior Exercises That are Easy on the Joints

Some impact is good for bone strength and is not too harmful to the joints but there is no need to subject the body to excessive impact when a small amount will suffice. A few examples of low impact exercises are walking and biking. When done at a slow pace, the heart rate is kept below a cardio level; these exercises can then be done for strengthening instead of for an aerobic workout. An exercise and fitness aquatics class is another way to incorporate low impact exercising into a routine. There are many different types of equipment that use water resistance to strengthen the muscles.

No Impact Exercises

Low impact is good but for those with arthritis that may not be enough. There are many different fitness exercises that do not batter the joints. When performing lower body exercises for seniors it is important to make sure the feet stay in contact with the ground. This reduces the stress on the joints and since the foot is already on the floor, impact is not a factor. For no impact exercises for the upper body, the hands must be in contact with the exercise surface. Push-ups, dips, and shoulder push-ups are good examples of a few.

Exercise Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Increased mobility, increased strength and higher energy levels are just a few of the benefits of exercise. These advantages are not limited to the young, each of these gains improve quality of life as well. Daily activities, such as showering and cleaning, are easier to perform. Activities that are for enjoyment, such as dancing or golfing, will benefit as well. As the strength of the muscles increases the easier these activities will become.

Fitness Tips for Seniors

It takes time to get used to any new routine. The muscles need time to adjust to new movements and internally the body has to adapt to being stressed in a different way. Each body is different and may not respond to an exercise the same way as the next person might. Sticking with a new fitness routine for at least a month is the best way to gauge whether or not it is a good fit. By then the body has begun adapting and results or lack of from the workout can be seen. Senior exercises are the same as any other type of exercise, it has to be tried to know the effect.

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