Using Exercises That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

When you are creating a strength training program it is very important that you include effective strength training exercises. If you don’t then you are going to spend far more time in the gym than you have to and will receive fewer results from your training.


One of the most effective strength training exercises is the squat. The reason why this is so beneficial is because it utilizes so many muscles at once it is almost a full body workout in itself. You will use the quads, the hamstrings, the glutes as well as your entire core muscles to help stabilize yourself during the movement. Because these are such large muscles performing this effective strength training exercise will also cause a large rise in testosterone in the body that will stimulate muscle growth. Testosterone is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body so having high levels of this is extremely helpful to you.
bench press

The Bench Press

The next effective strength training exercise is the bench press. Again this one is going to use many different muscle groups so it is a key lift that you should perform in any upper body workout. You will target your chest (pectoral muscles), your tricep’s, your front deltoid muscle as well as some of your biceps. Remember to always use a spotter when you are doing this though since if you are not able to successfully get the weight back up onto the support arms it could become very dangerous.

The bent over row is another extremely effective exercise that should be included in any workout as it is a compound lift and will give you great strength gains. This one will target your back muscles as well as your biceps and is very good for those who are looking to widen their back’s appearance. Compliment this exercise with a lat pull-down and you are well on your way to seeing amazing back development.


Finally, making sure to include some deadlifts in your lower body workout will help to round out the list of effective strength training exercises. One thing to keep in mind with this however is that you want your back to remain as flat as possible and not take on a hunched appearance. If it does you could set yourself up for back pain and will also not see the benefits of the exercise that you could be seeing. It may help to think of looking straightforward rather than down to maintain the proper position. You will mostly hit your lower back and hamstring muscles with this lift.

Ensuring all of these effective strength training exercises are included in your workout is the best way to make sure you receive the progress you are looking for! Don’t short-change yourself by missing out on them.

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