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Strength Train To Add Mass In The Arms

An old saying is, “Be humble or be humbled.”  What does this have to do with building bigger biceps? Well, too many people let their ego get in the way of progress. The weight room is the last place to have a giant ego.

If you want to build size to the biceps, here is what NOT to do:

  • Don’t worry about the amount of weight being lifted. When too much resistance is encountered, the body will find ways to move it – like use momentum or other muscle groups. if a lighter weight is used, the tension stays on the targeted muscles (in this case, the biceps).
  • Don’t neglect the shoulder muscles. The key of looking good while flexing is having strict definitions between muscles. the bicep will seem to have a higher peak if the shoulder muscles are lean.
  • Don’t neglect the back muscles. The biceps are secondary movers during pulling movements. So while working the back muscles, the biceps will get work as well.
  • Don’t overtrain. Allow five to seven days between biceps workouts. This allows the muscles to rest, recover and grow.
  • Don’t rest between reps. The biceps grow best with repetitive effort, constant tension sets. They are one of the few muscles that can be worked to failure without negative consequences.
  • Don’t hide from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates cover energy demands, so protein can concentrate on growing muscles. Muscles cannot grow if protein is needed for energy.
  • Don’t buy cheap protein powders. They are cheap because they’re no good!

if you really want to grow the biceps, or if you feel your ego getting in the way, here’s what to DO:

  • Do work back and biceps on the same day. Working back and biceps on the same day is an efficient time saving method.
  • Do chin-ups. If you can’t do more than a couple chin-ups in one effort, use a spotter and do negative chins – getting help on the way up and coming down as slowly as possible.
  • Do sets to failure. Deprive those biceps of oxygen, keeping the exercises as anaerobic as possible.
  • Do use multiple grips. The word biceps has “bi” in it because the muscle has two heads. Use close and wide grips to train both.
  • Do use cables. Cable exercises inherently demand stability. This need for stability decreases the ability to cheat.
  • Do eat complex carbohydrates and protein. This concept sounds simple, but proper nutrition is often overlooked.
  • Do 2 to 4 exercises of 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. Beginners should complete two exercises of two sets. As stamina increases, add sets then exercises.
  • Do take 30 seconds to two minutes between sets.
  • Lastly, do work hard! As my old strength coach used to say, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”


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