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Exercises To Get Six-Pack Abs

No matter what anyone says, no one wants a “spare tire,”  beer-belly, gut, paunch, potbelly or a “muffin top” above the waistband. Everyone wants a flat stomach. People want a “six-pack” or “washboard”  abs. A flat stomach is easy on the eyes, but not so easy to accomplish.

What muscles are in the six-pack?

The internal oblique and external oblique rotate and flex the body’s trunk. The oblique muscles wrap around the body, supporting the abdominal wall and even assisting with forced breathing. While these muscles are necessary for a strong core, they are not specifically part of the six-pack.

The six-pack is one muscle called the rectus abdomininis. The upper and lower abs are the upper and lower regions of this muscle. Tendons divide the rectus abdominis down the middle and at three junctions horizontally. These tendons give the abs the illusion of being six separate muscles.

How do I lose fat in my stomach?

As the Weight Loss Weight Training article pointed out, the exercises chosen are the most important factor in weight-loss weight training workouts. People with weight-loss or fat-loss goals should “multi-task” during exercise. For example, people can curl dumbbells as they squat or lunge.

Nutrition is vastly important to fat loss. Fat should consist of no more than 30% of caloric intake. These fats should come from lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds.

What abdominal exercises should I do to get a six-pack?

Abdominal routines should be performed at the end of a training session. While performing an abdominal routine, the exercise order is important. The upper portion of the rectus abdominis has more endurance than the lower region. The oblique muscles’ endurance is somewhere between the two.

Leg raises are great for the lower region. To complete this exercise, look at the ceiling, keep legs straight and bring the legs towards the ceiling. Lower the legs until the lower back strains to stay flat on the floor – it should never arch.

Follow up the leg raises with the “cycles” or “runner” exercise. Twisting exercises work the oblique muscles. “Cycles” are completed with hands behind head and looking at the ceiling. Bring the right elbow to the left knee and then the left elbow to the right knee while moving the legs as if riding a bike. The feet should stay off the floor for the duration of the exercise.

The last exercise in the order is any type of crunch. The upper abdominals have the most stamina, so they are still ready to go when called upon at the end of the workout. Do as many repetitions as possible. It’s the end of the workout, so why save energy?

Can I train abs every day?

This topic is widely debated. People on both sides of the issue can provide examples of why they are right. It is up to the individual to decide.

The “old-school” side believes that the abdominal muscles can be trained every day. One explanation (of a few) is that the abdominal muscles are already used every day. The trunk is flexed, the spine is constantly flexing, and many activities call for the pelvis to move forward. If the abdominal muscles are already used every day, they can be trained every day.

The “new-school” thought is that the abdominal muscles are made of the same protein fibers as every other muscle in the body. Therefore, they should be trained like every other muscle in the body.


Progress manifests itself through the mirror, clothes and circumference measurements. Waist size is an indicator of artherosclerosis. Women should not have a waist greater than thirty-five inches and a man’s waist should not measure above forty inches. This measurement is taken just above the protrusion of the pelvis bone

Achieving a flat stomach takes patience. Whether a person believes in the new or old school thought, the most important thing is that people are being active. Perform abdominal exercises at the end of a workout, like the “Weight Loss Workout.” Move more, eat right, and that washboard stomach will be sure to impress.

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