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Simple Exercises to Strengthen the Wrists

Think of all the sports requiring good wrist strength. There’s golf, tennis, racquetball, bowling, basketball, hockey, baseball and various martial arts. Bodybuilders like to show off muscled biceps and chests but often neglect the wrists. Strong wrists will be less prone to fractures and carpal tunnel syndrome, which is painful and debilitating. There are lots of easy techniques to make the wrists less susceptible to injury, and they are shown here.

Wrist Curls with Dumbbells

Begin with a dumbbell that is moderately heavy or light. Rest the arm across a table or a bench, with the palm facing upward. Using only the wrist, slowly raise the dumbbell and take care not to overstretch. The same exercise can be done by turning the palm downwards and these have the added benefit of strengthening the forearms.

Keep the motions slow and controlled to prevent straining the muscles. Individuals with smaller bone structures may have to support one wrist with the opposite hand. For the best results this wrist exercise should be done in two sets of ten repetitions, two to three times a week.

Strengthening the Wrists Using Chinese Exercise Balls

For hundreds of years, Chinese exercise balls have been used to improve blood circulation and stimulate acupressure points, which can prevent chronic diseases. Choose the size that best fits the hand. While performing this exercise, the balls shouldn’t bang against one another.

They ought to be in constant contact. Hold the arm parallel to the floor while rotating the balls with the fingers. People with arthritic wrists will be able to ease strain and achieve greater mobility after doing this exercise regularly. Beginners can start with two balls and then do this exercise with three or four balls.

Increasing Muscle Strength with Hand Grippers

This can be a challenging exercise for beginners. It’s quite simple, yet effective for developing a strong pair of wrists. Clutch the gripper lightly in one hand, and squeeze it until the handles come together. The thumb is supposed to be stationary while the fingers apply pressure.

There are different types of grippers with varying levels of resistance. This exercise will strengthen the wrist and hand muscles, and build tough forearms. Like any other part of the body, the hand should be stretched before starting this exercise. Hand grippers are cheap and can be bought in any fitness store.

Building Wrist Strength with Wrist Rolls

To do this exercise, a stick with a hole in the middle of it will be needed. Thread a rope through the stick and attach a weight to the other end. Stretch the arms forward with the stick out in front with the weight almost touching the floor. Roll the wrists forward to elevate the weight. Repeat this process in reverse.

Wrist muscles are a small muscle group; therefore, little weight is needed to exercise them adequately. Investing in lots of expensive and fancy equipment isn’t necessary. Get two buckets and fill them halfway to the top with water or sand. Hold the arms straight out and use them in the backyard for wrist curls.

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