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Testoxyl Enanthate 250 is one of the most widely known testosterone esters and is commonly used by athletes of all levels, from beginners who have just begun their acquaintance with steroids, to experienced athletes who have been training with iron for many years. This ester is a long-acting steroid. The working period of this drug is 2-3 weeks.

The active ingredient Testosterone Enanthate, which acts in the same way as the natural hormone in the human body – testosterone. It is no secret that testosterone plays an extremely important role in the body. This is due to the effect of this hormone on:

  • muscle mass;
  • power indicators;
  • fast hair growth;
  • sperm production;
  • sexual pleasure.

Therefore, using Testoxyl Enanthate, you can not only change your body, but also improve your overall well-being.

Testosterone enanthate comes from dihydrotestosterone, which gives more positive results in a short period of time. It stimulates the process of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, increases the production of blood cells, as well as energy consumption. As a result, it will help your body build muscle and burn all calories successfully to keep your body in good shape. Also, this steroid will help you improve strength, feel the effect of the pump during training. In addition, it will speed healing and recovery of injuries.

Using steroids in the right dosage always brings results and reduces the possibility of serious side effects. Therefore, overdosing is strongly not recommended.


The recommended dose of Testoxyl Enanthate is in the region of 250500 mg per week. With an increase in athlete’s body weight and the length of his training, the dosage may vary. Injections are recommended once or twice a week. The recommended cycle is eight to ten weeks.

In order to avoid the appearance of estrogenic side effects, it is recommended to use aromatase inhibitors (Arimixyl, Letroxyl) starting from the second or third week of the course.


Testoxyl Enanthate 250 has a strong amortization resulting in the following side effects:

  • female fat deposition;
  • gynecomastia;
  • swelling.


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Injectable Steroid


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Testosterone Enanthate


Vial – 10 ml (250 mg / ml)

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